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Benir at a Recent Tradeshow

Benir showed up at a recent tradeshow of baby products and products made...

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Nothing is more important

Coos and cuddles: cute little smiles and tiny little fingers and toes. Your newborn is a remarkable bundle of blessings. We understand this. Our company name, Bénir, is French for "to bless." So every time we design a product for your baby we are reminded that nothing in the world is more important to you than your little blessing!

A World of Experience for your Baby

What if you took some of the best designers, engineers and manufacturers from around the globe and asked them to create a range of products to pamper baby and mom? The result would be Bénir! Our US design team carefully watches world trends in products and fashion and responds to those trends by creating design forward solutions to mom's everyday baby care needs.

Our engineers have studied international safety and performance standards and build that safety into every product we make and our factories hold global certifications including the US FDA501K registration for water purification.

We check and double check

Our development process starts by asking the right question, "what does mom think?" After all, how can we make something that meets her needs unless we ask her before we start? Then we test and test again to make sure the products we design function well and look great. And before any product leaves our factories independent laboratories test each batch to confirm quality and safety.

At Bénir we understand our mission well, "to bless" you and your baby with wonderful products.

Jeff Martin,
Bénir USA